M35 Collaboration

Bondi Beach Public Bar

The latest project by the Icebergs Group, Bondi Beach Public bar is now open. The website embraces the ethos of the venue, some old school honest glitchyness, a little bit punk and a homage to Australian pub culture. Check it out.

Ten Pieces – Vertical Stripes – 41/50

Ten Pieces’ 5th collection – Vertical Lines – 41/50. An experimental scrolling parallax splash page to coincide with their new collection.

Equal Beauty

Equal Beauty is a fragrance free line skin care line by Jessica Gomes. Branding by M35

Da Maria Bali

Da Maria brings the Amalfi Coast to Bali – LP designed and developed a quirky full screen experience, works a treat on your mobile. Branding by M35.


New Film Graphics website. They make films, check it out.. Branding by M35

Dolphin Hotel

LP created the new Dolphin Hotel website, fun and playful like the venue itself. Branding by M35


Andrew Donaldson architecture & design website. HTML5 Ajax framework, yum.

Da Orazio

Pizza + Porchetta has never been better. Branding by M35.

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Future Method

A nice little cola with M35



Icebergs now have a dynamic weather feed that shows current tides as a watery overlay, you can also get surf conditions or just the dining menu. AGDA Awards winner in collaboration with M35.

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