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Liquid Protocol

A brief introduction of our services, credentials and recent work.


LP offer a spectrum of digital services with focus on bespoke websites, design led development and web apps.

We hand code digital experiences that are led by design, interaction and story telling. Through our clients who have entrusted us for many years, we deliver best in class, technically robust and cost effective digital solutions.

Our expertise

  • Full stack web development: LAMP, PHP, HTML,CSS/SCSS, Javascript frameworks (Node/NPM)
  • Bespoke web apps and REST/API integrations.)
  • Shopify development (custom theme development, liquid experts, private apps and 3rd party integrations)
  • WordPress (custom theme development, optimisation, SEO and security configuration)
  • Digital design (UX, UI, animation and interaction design)
  • Social integration and strategic services (Facebook Graph API)
  • Marketing platforms (Mailchimp, Mandril, Klaviyo)
  • We understand business needs as well as branding, design and content
  • Attention to detail in all of the above


Over the years we’ve have had the pleasure of working with these agencies, brands and organisations and we ❤︎ them all.

Recent Work

JPW is one of Australia’s leading design practices with major built works in architecture, landscape architecture, planning, urban design, interior design and exhibitions.

Action Reaction:
Blue Poles

Nation Gallery of Australia

Jackson Pollock’s masterpiece Blue Poles 1952 is an Australian icon and a key part of the country’s history. This website was created to coincide with the artworks restoration and affirming its status as a national treasure – Created in collaboration with Studio Ongarato.

Beulah is an innovative property developer based in Melbourne. LP created a hand crafted portal to reflect their unique style and position in the property development space.

A Melbourne based architectural firm’s new website. Due to launch any day now, waiting on some newly completed projects to be added.

A fun and playful interface, animated versions of the logo fade in and out on each page randomly. The website has a certain pace to it.

A new discipline in the writing field, emphasising clarity of intent and transparency of process. The site is brought to life with some time animations and a typographic discoverable interface.

A monotone interface that toggles colour modes with snappy page transitions help build the design narrative and anticipation of the development.

It offers an insight to the projects philosophy, location and the team behind it as well as a registration of interest enquiry.

Artist Lizzy Gill was commissioned to create a series of artworks for the project. LP brought one of the artworks to life through creating an interactive experience.

The ocean scene moves with the users mouse in parallax layers. Scrolling zooms in on the building and pulls the ocean back. A stylised Registration of interest is the primary call to action.

123 OBR – Private site

user: DeveloperPreview
pass: LetMeSeePlease

Once identified as potential buyers users are invited to login to a private site to access exclusive information about the development and submit an intention to buy enquiry.

An enterprise Shopify build for Melbourne fashion brand Perri Cutten. This has been a long lasting relationship, having built their online presence since the early 2000’s. We like forming lasting partnerships.

The website is completely built from scratch, using modern workflows and Shopify latest functionality.

More than meets the eye with the video streaming implemented here. Videos auto play once they enter the viewport and pause once they exist, replacing static images, no clicking, buffering or performance issues. Smooth!

This is integrated to the Cloudinary content delivery platform.

A design focused delivery for a restaurant in Sydney. Has some nice abstract animation and typographic elements. The most recent of several venues from the Icebergs Group, all built by LP.

A quirky single page e-commerce site with some nice parallax animations.

The design and interaction is very much on brand with the products simple yet bold offering. Two to choose from, a Chardonnay coming soon.

Hospitality Work

Below are some examples of work in hospitality.

A new location in Parramatta required an overhaul to accommodate a multi location platform.

Built in 2014 it has withstood the test of time, this site is currently in re-development and will be launch around April.

LP created the new Dolphin Hotel website, fun and playful like the venue itself.

Hotel Harry – features chameleon colours. Each page can change the whole websites colour theme to reflect the promotional artwork – cool huh?

Our Approach

How we approach coding, WordPress, interaction & animations and performance.

WordPress Admin

We do not use any page builder plugins or bloated WordPress solutions. Everything is custom built to spec using our own code base. We use Advanced Custom Fields to tailor each templates administration needs. So each page has an intuitive interface to suit its content and there nothing there that you don’t need.

Some Nerdy Detail

  • We refrain from DYI type Javascript libraries or bolt together a series of no-compatible plugin based libraries
  • The few that we use, we use well, eg. ScrollMagic which is based on the GreenSock / GASP stack, it controls all scroll based interaction. Pjax for app-like page loading without hard reloads.
  • Every, hover, fade-in, stop, start – whatever, is created in Javascript & CSS from scratch, not inherited by some plugin.
  • For the CSS layout/grid we lean towards Flexbox grid (as opposed to bloated frameworks like Bootstrap.)
  • php for wordpress functions

Thank You!

Please send any feedback or questions to sonke@lpip.com.au.