Liquid Protocol have been interneting since 1999. Our greatest successes have come through helping others create unique digital experiences. Our focus has always been combining visually compelling design with a fearless attitude towards new technology.

Spanning 20+ years, we have moved through the various technologies as well as hair brain ideas the internet has had to offer. Having professionally dabbled in just about every programming language since Yahoo was more popular than Google, we have established a reputation for adaptation in our methodology and delivery.

Out with the old.


Over the years we’ve have had the pleasure of working with these agencies, brands and organisations and we ❤︎ them all.


LP offer a spectrum of digital services with focus on bespoke websites, custom Shopify development and web apps.

We hand code digital experiences that are led by design, interaction and story telling. Through our clients who have entrusted us for many years, we deliver best in class, technically robust and cost effective digital solutions.

Our expertise

  • Full stack web development (LAMP, Javascript, HTML/CSS, Webpack, SCSS, Node)
  • Bespoke web apps and REST/API integrations.)
  • Shopify development (custom theme development, private apps and 3rd party integrations)
  • WordPress (custom theme development, optimisation, SEO and security configuration)
  • Digital design (UX, UI, animation and interaction design)
  • Social integration and strategic services (Facebook Graph API)
  • Marketing platforms (Mailchimp, Mandril, Klaviyo)
  • We understand business needs as well as branding, design and content
  • Attention to detail in all of the above

Platforms we love

We firmly believe Shopify is the best e-commerce solution on the market. LP have created 30+ Shopify sites over the years and have seen the platform evolve to become a market leader.

On that note, there are great things to come with new features on the roadmap due to be released in early 2020 (update: these new features are still in beta, we’re still playing around with them but they are not ready). We’ve been testing these out on our partner platform and look forward to putting them to use.

As Shopify partners we can create development stores with unlimited access to all features as opposed to a 14 day trial.

Get in touch and we can set up a store for you with no obligation, just an unlimited free trial.

WordPress is our preferred platform for content rich websites. We predominantly use it for its content management abilities. Easy to use, easy to learn.

We do not use any page builder plugins or bloated / out of the box WordPress solutions. Everything is custom built to spec using our own code base. We use Advanced Custom Fields to tailor each templates frontend and administration needs. So each page has an intuitive interface to suit its content – there nothing there that you don’t need.

  • We refrain from DYI type Javascript libraries or bolt together a series of no-compatible plugin based libraries
  • The few that we use, we use well. GreenSock / GASP stack controls all animation and scroll based interaction. Pjax for app-like page loading without hard reloads.
  • We rate Cloudinary as solution for hosting images and video as it has an advanced Javascript API.
  • Every, hover, fade-in, stop, start – whatever, is created in Javascript & CSS from scratch, not inherited by some plugin.
  • We are speak fluent php, node.js and use modern development workflows and version control.

We are big fans of Mailchimp, it’s a great evolving marketing platform and we’re well versed with its capabilities.

From bespoke editable email templates, landing pages and email automation to A/B campaigns with e-commerce reporting.

We actively manage marketing campaigns across hospitality & events, apparel & fashion, corporate & tech and all things e-commerce.

We can assist with configuration, optimisation and set up of your Mailchimp account, building and segmenting audiences, establishing in-house workflows as well as managing tentpole campaigns for events, promotions or product activations.